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“EXTRA Cans for the Needy” 44-day Challenge to Recycle and help the Needy



Los Angeles – April 17, 2007 – EXTRA Cans For The Needy (ECFTN), an organization that plans to "Change the World, One Can at a Time," is challenging Americans to take part in the “Million CANS March” & “'Recyce' With Founder Mystery Mike” to help raise awareness for both environmental and social issues in America.

To take the first step in the Million CANS March, EXTRA Cans for the Needy is asking everyone to collect at least $10.00 in recyclables.  After collecting the recyclable bottles and cans, ECFTN is asking everyone to cash in the recyclable bottles and cans for their refund value, and donate the proceeds to a charitable cause or homeless shelter, such as "EXTRA Cans For The Needy" to help aid in this problem across America.


“These issues are apparent in our own backyard, we are not just suffering because of global warming and the message needs to spread across America”, Mystery Mike states.  He along with actress and spokesperson for ECFTN, Sharon Lawrence have been speaking out as well as doing their part to aid in the awareness of our homeless issues right here in Southern California.   Now both want to see this outreach spread even further. 


ECFTN is asking that all who take part send an email to and let the organization know that they participated, how much they donated, and how they donated the money to a good cause. ECFTN will provide statistics online at to show the impact that individual actions can have to affect change the world.


Donations can be made at your local shelter, by going to the website or  donate the recyclables directly to someone in need so that they may redeem them for the refund value.


The Million CANS March kicks off on EARTH DAY 2007 (Sunday, April 22nd), and will continue until Monday, June 4th, 2007 with the first "RECYCE WITH MYSTERY MIKE" Day.  This is our 44 Days of recycling program. ECFTN will take part in this years TOPANGA CANYON EARTH DAY FESTIVAL with a Special Live announcement on April 22nd –EARTH DAY by Sharon Lawrence and Founder Mystery Mike at 3:30pm on the main stage.

Mystery Mike Hennessey is the founder of ECFTN, a program designed by a group of Movie and TV "EXTRAS" in Hollywood that took the initiative to collect all the empty bottles and cans on every movie and TV set to deliver them to the homeless and the needy. Cans can be turned in for cash in eleven states including California (CA), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Hawaii (HI), Iowa (IA), )Maine (ME), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), New York (NY), Oregon (OR) and Vermont (VT).

Learn how you can help the homeless become self-sufficient. Visit us online at and