"CAN The World" - Individual Recycling & Distribution to the Needy

We are encouraging and enlisting individuals to become "Collectors" for EXTRA Cans for the Needy. The steps to 'Can The World' are very simple:

Step One: Collect any & all empty bottles and cans worth a return at the movie & tv sets you work on, at your home, office, school, college campus, church, temple, pretty much anywhere you go: subways, airports, bus stations, anywhere you see bottles and cans that can be turned into ‘gold’ for someone else. Place these empties into a bag.

Step Two: Take your bag of empties and distribute them to the first person in need that you meet. Remember to Ask first: "Would you like these cans to redeem for cash?"

What most of us are doing is going downtown or to parks or simply at the end of a highway ramp where these Angels are asking for help and we ‘give them some help’ by handing over bags of empties. The result has been astonishing and beautiful. They are shocked and touched and some ask "WHY? Why are you all doing this?" And we respond with "Because we want to."

Yes, it’s THAT simple gang... easy as Pumpkin Pie (Here's the pie recipe).

The one-on-one connection is remarkable for everyone involved. No one has to feel embarrassed or ashamed anymore. You have the opportunity to bless these Angels, your brothers and sisters for one moment in time and remind them that they are NOT alone anymore.

The "Million CANs March" - 44 days beginning on Earth Day 2007 (04/22/07)

MillionCans March and Recyce With Mystery Mike's 44 days to recycle

"The CAN Collection" - Business Collection & Distribution to the Needy

We are currently working out the details with a number of businesses (restaurants, studios and others), to collect recyclables on a regular basis. These recyclables, collected by volunteers, will be delivered to a network of homeless shelters strategically located throughout the Los Angeles area. The recyclables will be distributed to the needy from the shelters for redemption of the cash value